LSS tackled the garden with the rotavator again whilst I got on with cutting more bits of wood with the chainsaw for the hungry kitchen wood-burner. LSS had just managed to get all the soil turned over before the rain started again. Looks like our pile of brambles will not be ready to burn for some time yet!

Wildlife diary: Unfortunately bad news. Some sort of predator found the duck’s nest, and left a neat pile of eggshells. No wonder we haven’t see the ducks recently.

Received a reply from Honda France regarding the Certificate de Conformité; they’ve sent us a pile of forms which need to be filled in by an official dealership, so we’ve booked the bike in to visit the one in Blois this Friday.

They also mentioned that once the forms had been filled in, they would need to be sent back to Honda France together with a cheque for 140 euros. LSS received a reply from Hyundai as well. They don’t need the vehicle to be inspected first, but they do want a cheque for 200 euros for the Certificate. They’ll have to wait until our chequebooks have been received!

Even though re-registering the vehicles in France is going to cost some money, we’ve calculated that this is still a cheaper option than selling them for next to nothing in the UK and buying replacements here. Second-hand vehicles in France are a great deal more expensive than they are in Britain.

Still no news from Weldom, so this afternoon LSS called them.
“I’ve emailed you a quote to be corrected.”
“Ah, je suis very sorry, the office person who deals with quotes is on holiday. Call again on Wednesday.”

You couldn’t make it up.

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