The morning was spent preparing the kitchen for the installation of the new PVC double-glazed window which we bought from Leroy Merlin last week. We really must get a trailer for the car; the window we bought only just fitted into the car.

In the afternoon we went into the local town to enquire about changing the headlights on the Hyundai for French ones; this seemed to be a fairly painless process because the chap in charge of the garage we visited had been through this process before for another English family.

However when he called the closest dealership to order the parts, the person he spoke to could not understand why the headlights needed to be changed. “Are they broken?” he asked. When informed that the headlights were in working order, but needed to be converted for driving on the right, he seemed to be astonished that there were some countries that did NOT drive on the right. (This conversation was deduced from our overhearing the local half of the conversation). We also asked about fitting a towbar, and were told this was not a problem.

We’re still working our way through the contents of the late MIL’s pantry (the aged FIL doesn’t eat any of the stuff in there). Tonight we had some baked potatoes with a bolognese sauce. The sauce contained two pots of home-preserved tomato sauce dated 1997. Fifteen years old! Almost a vintage!

But it was very tasty, and tehre hav bin no efter afficts it ull.

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