Today I started the construction of a display table for my bonsai trees. Yes, another hobby of mine. Where do I find the time?

I sank some creosote-treated telephone pole sections into the ground, and nailed a long roof timber beam on top. Very Japanese it looks too; I’ll try and add a photo when I can.

We also had a barbecue, and LSS made us a salad containing purslane leaves (a weed growing all over the garden). For the interested parties, it’s Portulaca oleracea. We used to grow this in our flowerbeds in Namibia because it is a drought-resistant plant and looks pretty, but I never knew you could eat it!

LSS also started painting the metal shutters of the replaced PVC window. Once they’re dry I’ll put them back and we’ll see what it looks like with white shutters instead of rust-red.

The Roads Department cut the grass in the lane today using a tractor with two mower attachments.

Oh yes, and first thing this morning LSS took the Hyundai to a local garage, and the headlights were changed to right-hand drive ones in an hour. (Compare this to the three hours it took Honda in Blois to change one motorcycle headlight). She also enquired about the price of a towbar, but on discovering that it was five times more expensive than buying it online, she chose the latter option.

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