We both went to the Chamber of Commerce in Blois this morning for a lecture on How To Start Your Own Business in France. To be honest, I very much doubt that any of the attendees would want to start their own business in France if they followed all the guidelines to the letter; there’s just too much red tape.

On the way back we stopped at the Brico Depot hardware shop where I bought some electrical supplies; they didn’t have everything that I needed but – a massive surprise – when we got home I managed to find a website:
a) in France with
b) free delivery that
c) had everything that I wanted in stock at
d) very reasonable prices.
The website of this paragon of French DIY? Bis Electric
Not only that, but I was able to discover the difference between an Interrupteur Différentiel type A and a type AC Interrupteur Différentiel. I won’t explain it here but will keep you in suspense; you’ll find out what it is when I add the Electrical Renovation pages to the website in the near future!

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