We finally have a borehole!

The drillers turned up yesterday lunchtime with their drilling machine, and made a start, knocking off just before 6pm.

This morning at 9am they were back on the job, and by lunchtime it was complete. They hit a small amount of water at 5m (that’s the depth of the well), hit a slightly larger flow at 24m, but kept going. At 35m depth they encountered a good flow of water, and chased it until it stopped at 49m. Once they’d put the plastic liner into the hole and filled the outside with sand, the water level had settled; they recommended that the borehole pump be installed at 40m.

I’ll put up a page on the website about the drilling, as I took quite a few photos during the process.

Oh yes – and the towbar for the Hyundai finally arrived today. It was purchased online on the 20th June. When we ordered and paid for it, we were assured it was in stock. Just imagine how long it would have taken to get here if it hadn’t been in stock!

We’ve decided to avoid buying anything else from French companies if we can at all avoid it. Why? As just one example, I bought an SDS+ hammer drill from a company in Belgium – it arrived within two days. On Saturday LSS contacted three companies for a quote for a second-hand shipping container (so we can empty the barn of all our stored boxes and furniture in order to lay a proper floor). One of the companies was Austrian, but unfortunately stated that the enquiry would be passed on to their local (French) agent. On each of these companies’ websites, a rapid response to any enquiries was promised.

So, dear Readers, how many do you think have responded with an actual quote?
Or even an email to say they aren’t going to bother?
Those of you that said “Zero”, have a banana.

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