We now have a trailer! We’ve been on the lookout for one for a while now, but the lowest price found to date was just over €650. The thing is, with us being in the middle of nowhere, the only way to purchase DIY materials is with the aid of a trailer. Delivery charges are just ridiculous.

So I fitted the towbar a few days ago, and yesterday LSS was once again looking on the Internet for trailers. Lo and behold, Castorama had a special offer; exactly the type of trailer we were looking for, priced at €499, and including a jockey wheel and cover. So this morning we were up early and headed for Orleans.

After a bit of running around (none of the staff at Castorama seemed to be sure that they actually sold trailers, where they were kept (outside the main entrance) or where the payment for the aforementioned trailer should be done) we finally ended up with one chap who dealt with the transaction. He was a bit condescending initially; but once I’d demonstrated that I knew how to work a trailer hitch and connect the electrical plug, he mellowed a bit. (He said he’d had one customer who took fifteen minutes before he was able to connect the trailer hitch to the towbar. And as soon as he tried to drive off, the trailer remained behind as he’d not fitted the hitch correctly).

I’d brought some duct tape to attach the number plate to the trailer temporarily, but the helpful chap from Castorama whipped out some double-sided tape and proceeded to fix the number plate himself. I should have known better; when we got home, the number plate was missing. I suspect it dropped off as we exited the Castorama car park.

So now we have to go and get another number plate on Monday.

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