The entire morning was actually spent at the aged FIL’s house, as the purchaser of the non-working JCB had finally arranged to have it collected. This was also not a simple task; the truck they had brought was not a low-loader. Eventually the vehicle was loaded, but they’ll need to avoid any bridges or electric lines crossing the road on the way home, because the height of the vehicle is now 4.6 metres.

The aged FIL was discharged from hospital in the afternoon and brought back home. However, LSS then discovered that his Carte Vitale (health identification card) and the Presence Verte bracelet (the button he pushes if he needs assistance) were missing. Calling the hospital had negative results; the administration stated quite categorically that they had given these items to him on his release. Of course the aged FIL could not recall this; mind you he is not quite compos mentis anyway.

So now LSS will need to spend several hours on the phone on Monday to start the process of obtaining a replacement Carte Vitale (which requires a photo of the owner, which is a problem, as we don’t have one, which means taking the aged FIL to a photographer, which we can’t do, as he gets car-sick) and a replacement Presence Verte bracelet (which will cost an arm and a leg). Oh joy. The hospital also sent a replacement prescription sheet which LSS will need to have filled at the pharmacy. However, a lot of the usual medications have been omitted; so on Monday LSS will first have to telephone the doctor to determine whether this has been an oversight on the hospital’s part, or whether these medicines are no longer necessary.

In the evening LSS discovered that the carer was unable to cope with the aged FIL unaided. He was simply like a sack of potatoes, and also unable to feed himself without assistance. Things obviously cannot continue in this vein, so that’s one more thing for LSS to enquire about on Monday; the possibility of moving him to a retirement home. “Why couldn’t the hospital have sent us the Carte Vitale and Presence Verte bracelet and lost the aged FIL instead?” LSS grumbled. “That would have saved everybody some trouble.”

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