LSS once again assisted the carer in looking after the aged FIL this morning. Things are not looking too good on that front; they struggled to get him out of bed and dress him. From this evening onwards the aged FIL will be put into the medical bed (up until this point he has refused to use it). He won’t be happy about it, but at least it makes things easier for the people looking after him; its height can be adjusted at the push of a button.

It also appears that he will have to remain in this bed full-time; it’s no longer possible to put him at the kitchen table in the wheelchair to feed him; let alone walk him to the outside lavatory.

Interestingly enough, when he went to hospital he did not have any bedsores (despite having been lying down for nearly three years). Well, he has one now.

And according to the carer (who, let’s face it, has seen this sort of thing many times) he doesn’t have much time left.

4 thoughts on “24/08/2014”

  1. Dankie meneer! Maar as hulle hier sê, “C’est la vie” (that’s life). Die probleem gaan wees dat die Staat baie geld van die boedel wil hê.

    1. shit! yes, the government! What does that mean to you now? Will you have to auction off certian areas of the farm,or sell the whole farm or take out a huge bond to keep it? How does an estate works there if somebody dies?

  2. Estate duties here are complicated (like anything French!!!!) In our case, the state will want 80k euro. We can’t get a mortgage (bond) because we’re self-employed. So the only option is to sell half the property (it was originally two farms joined together).

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