Happy Guy Fawkes day! No, we won’t be having a bonfire, unless you count the boiler stove. And as for fireworks, I don’t think individuals can buy fireworks in France. I certainly haven’t seen any places selling them.

I see from my access logs that persons from several different countries are trying to hack into this blog by attempting to log in to the admin account. Fortunately, having worked in IT myself, I know some tricks to make the login quite secure.

The lemon tree (which we’ve grown from seed) has now been moved into the polytunnel for its own good, as the outside temperature has been steadily dropping. It’s several years old now, but has still not produced any lemons.

In the morning I took the trailer to the local quarry, and came back with a load of sand. I can never quite believe their prices. Buying a 20kg bag of sand in a DIY place here would set you back around €5. Well, I came back with 500kg. For €5.58.

2 thoughts on “05/11/2014”

  1. Hi Rob
    i think it is time you show your lemon tree a life size lemon fruit! Having been grown from a seed(which is a feat on its own) it doesn’t know what it should look like!

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