It was -6.5°C this morning. On a day like today it’s even difficult to do the laundry; because the outlet pipe from the washing machine was frozen. We had to wait until the afternoon when it warmed up a bit.

We had been thinking that Mrs Bunny may not have been pregnant after all; she wasn’t eating very much and didn’t seem to have any fur missing (they pull out some of their fur to line a nest). However, this morning LSS had a look inside the great big pile of hay in one half of the double cage – and there’s definitely a furry nest there, with occupants. She didn’t look too closely so we don’t yet know how many there are.

Cat was behaving suspiciously in the lounge again, so has obviously brought another little furry friend home. “I don’t understand it. I brought my breakfast inside, but it’s gone missing…”

We spent the morning repairing the aged FIL’s access road, with the assistance of his neighbour. Due to the amount of daily vehicular traffic (the carers), the road has started to resemble the lunar surface; with potholes gradually becoming craters. The neighbour has a machine called a telescopic handler. This has a large scoop on the front, so this was used to spread a large pile of aggregate along the length of the road. Then LSS and I used rakes to even it out. At least all the potholes are now filled, and hopefully this repair will last a while!

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