Early this morning, LSS received a telephone call from one of the two retirement homes to which she had applied on the aged FIL’s behalf. They wish to see the aged FIL to make an assessment of his condition, because the application form (signed by the doctor) states “The patient is bed-ridden.”

Simple enough, no? All they need to do is get in their car, travel eight kilometres, and they can assess him as much as they like. Ah no. It doesn’t work that way. They wish to see him at the retirement home.

So LSS needs to go and see the doctor. To get a prescription for an ambulance. To take him to the retirement home. And bring him back. And to top it all off, she needs to be present as well. “It’s going to be difficult to arrange a date for all this, as I’m working,” she said.
“No, it’s very simple. Just tell your boss you need to take the day off,” was the reply.
“I AM the boss. I’m self-employed. So if I’m not working, I don’t get paid.”
“Oh. Well in that case shall we say Friday next week?”

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