LSS is thinking of getting four more hens. The list of persons requiring our free-range eggs is now such that the poor things can’t keep up with demand. We have four eggs left for breakfast tomorrow, but no reserves for sale. Egg production is currently averaging five per day.

Now, you may recall some time ago the Aged FIL’s garage burnt down: (http://la-darnoire.com/blog/2014/05/17052014.html)

Well, a few weeks ago LSS realized that nothing had been heard from the insurance company for some considerable time. She rang the local offices, and the following day their “Expert” rang back. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but during his visit to the burnt-out building, he examined the wiring. “Ah-ha!” He said. (In French of course). “This,” (pointing at a burnt length of cable) “is the cause of the fire.”

Now I’m not an “Expert” in fires and the causes thereof. However, I do know that a welding machine’s earth electrode cable is highly unlikely to be the cause of a fire, especially when said machine is unplugged. Ho hum. As they had said they were going to pay out, I wasn’t going to rock the boat.

Anyway, it transpired that this “Expert” had completed the requisite forms, and sent them off together with all the photographs which he took during his visit. However… the entire lot had been lost.

He rather forlornly asked LSS if she happened to have any photographs of the burnt building. Well, as a matter of fact, we did. These were emailed to him and he was delighted.

A meeting has been scheduled for next week; the Aged FIL needs to sign some documents and he will be presented with the first of two large cheques. Then rebuilding can start. Of course, as more than six months has passed, the initial (accepted) quote for the work is no longer valid, so LSS will have to contact the builder to check a) if he’s still in business and b) if so, whether prices have gone up. Most likely they have; so the second cheque from the insurance company will jolly well have to reflect this – after all, they’ve been responsible for the delay!

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