The current batch of rabbit pelts were removed from the pickling solution and hung out to dry. I’ve already started defrosting the next batch. Tanning these things is a lot of work, but at least we end up with a useful product instead of just putting them in the compost (which is what a lot of farmers around here do).

As we are now unlikely to see sub-zero temperatures until the end of the year, I re-connected the pipes to the external shower. These had been disconnected for the winter so that they wouldn’t burst. There were a couple of small leaks at the various unions, but gentle tightening with a couple of large spanners soon solved that issue. Of course now that we are able to have an outside shower again, the weather will probably turn chilly!

A huge tracked excavator has arrived at the aged FIL in order to start dismantling the burnt-out garage tomorrow:

The garage remover
The garage remover

With the arrival of spring, it’s a real cacophony first thing in the morning here. The fabled “peace and quiet” of the countryside is anything but. The amount of bird song really has to be heard to be believed. And at night it’s not that quiet either; we have some nightingales around. They’re lovely to listen to, though. Oh – and speaking of birds; we’ve seen yet another new species here; the greenfinch.

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