Today was another sunny day. The past two days have been completely grey, which meant that the boiler stove had to be lit once again in the evenings. Using some pallets I constructed another (temporary) wood shed. You see, five out of the six bays of the current wood storage complex have now been filled. We are currently using the last of the two-year-old wood in the sixth bay, so this bay is now nearly empty. The plan is to move what remains of this seasoned firewood into the temporary wood shed – this will free up bay six, enabling it to be refilled with all the wood I am currently collecting!

I went for a short walk with LSS in the afternoon to show her where all the wood was coming from, and we discovered another wild pear tree. One more to be tidied up!

The ruins of the garage at the aged FIL have now been completely flattened, and we have three huge piles of debris: rubble, bricks and earth; scrap metal (including a huge engineering lathe weighing well over a ton); and half-burnt oak roof beams. This latter pile will join the La Darnoire firewood stack. It looks like I will need another woodshed after all!

The flattened garageCompare this photo with one taken from nearly the same position about a year ago:


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