The day was spent getting in and out of the tractor. No, it didn’t go anywhere. I once again removed the seat. Well, that is to say, half of it. I decided to leave the original metal seat-and-frame in place, and just separate it from the modified car seat. This was obviously much easier (and lighter) to lift out. Using my angle grinder, I removed the attachment rails from underneath, and attempted to weld on a couple of brackets so that I could bolt it to the tractor seat base. Unfortunately my mig welding machine decided to give up the ghost. Although I’d wire-brushed all the rust and paint off the steel first, and had the machine on its highest setting, the welding wire refused to form a weld pool; it just sputtered. Well, I’ve had it about eighteen years so I suppose I can’t complain. I ended up drilling four holes in the tractor seat base, and using four large hose clamps to fix the car seat frame in place. It seems to hold it strongly enough. And it’s certainly very comfortable now!

LSS has decided she’d like some raised beds in the greenhouse, so I’ll use some of the dismantled pallets for that particular project. She’s in the process of designing a new sign for the front of the house. The current one is looking rather weathered, and the “D” is no longer legible. So it’s rather forlornly displaying “La  arnoire”.

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