Today was bunny-sexing day. It turns out we have four males and four females. They have now been put in separate cages for obvious reasons.

In the afternoon, a friend brought her 8-year-old son to do some fishing in the pond. Quite a few small carp were caught, and these were not returned to the water as there are too many. After some thought about what to do with them, they were offered to our part-time neighbour, and he said he would definitely like to add them to his pond.

In the morning I had also retrieved an old bicycle from the aged FIL’s workshop, ready for my sister’s visit in June. Whilst making sure everything still worked – oiling the chain, pumping up the tyres, adjusting the brakes and that sort of thing – I found a small metal identity tag attached to the frame. This was getting in the way of the saddle adjustment bolt, so I removed it. Upon closer examination, it turned out that the bicycle originally belonged to the above-mentioned neighbour’s grandmother. When he came around with a dustbin in a wheelbarrow (to collect the carp), we gave him the tag as a keepsake, and he was delighted.

I also planted three new trees to replace the two which I felled. On a previous visit to Neighbour J, LSS had mentioned that we had recently been unsuccessful in obtaining any suitably-sized ash trees (frêne in French) in the garden centre. Well, yesterday LSS took some strawberry plants to Neighbour J, and she had a surprise for us. Three ash tree seedlings in a plastic bag. Except they weren’t ash tree seedlings at all. I think they might be alder (aulne in French). Never mind, she meant well. I planted them anyway.

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