Some of you may be wondering what has been happening with the Aged FIL. Nothing much, is the answer. Unfortunately LSS made the mistake of chatting to one of the carers in range of his hearing, and told her all about my sister’s visit last month, which was followed by a friend staying with us for two weeks. The following day the Aged FIL complained he had toothache, and wanted a dentist.
LSS called the dentist the following day, and unfortunately (because it was August) found that she was on holiday; returning the first week of September. So LSS called the doctor to come and have a look at him and prescribe some painkillers. Unfortunately the doctor was on holiday as well, so the Aged FIL received a visit from the locum. Who diagnosed gingivitis, and an extreme case of tartar. A prescription for mouthwash was dispensed, as was some advice for better dental hygiene.
The following day one of the carers presented him with a toothbrush she had found in a cupboard. “What’s that thing?” the aged FIL asked. “It’s a toothbrush. For brushing your teeth,” she replied.
“I can’t use that. You can brush my teeth for me.”
“Oh no I blooming well won’t! You’re quite capable of brushing your own teeth!”
In discussion with LSS, the carer related that she had had gingivitis in the past, and apparently it was so painful that she was unable to eat.
The thing is, the aged FIL is still eating quite happily, so his toothache can’t be that bad. LSS will speak to the dentist again once the holiday season is over, and see what needs to be done. The problem is that we’ve been down this route before.
Make appointment? Check.
Get doctor’s prescription for ambulance? Check.
Arrange for ambulance to take the aged FIL to the appointment? Check.
Ambulance arrives at the appointed hour? Check.
Followed by:
The aged FIL changing his mind and saying “I’m not going.”

Wildlife diary: LSS and I were watching a video on the laptop after supper (we don’t have television). As it had been a cloudy day, the boiler stove had been lit to heat up the water. This meant that the lounge was rather warm, so the door through to the barn had been left open. We were suddenly joined by another animal. It fluttered across the lounge ceiling, flew into the kitchen, and then back again. It was a bat! LSS hurriedly opened the lounge window and I opened the kitchen door. All in vain; it flew back into the barn the same way it came in. Still, we’re quite pleased we have bats. Even if we don’t have a belfry.

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